The Rascl MVVM Library for .NET
The Rascl library offers .NET developers an easy way to implement the Model-View View Model (MVVM) architectural pattern into their WPF-based software. 10+ years of WPF developmnent has lead to this extremely useful, yet lightweight library written entirely in C#. The focus of Rascl is to facilitate the synchronization of data between models and view models through it's property system and synchronized collection type. It also provides many other cool features, like an undo system, property grid, and color picker. It does all this while still maintaining combatibility with all existing Microsoft WPF features. Choose from the licensing options below to get started using Rascl today!
Community Edition
Single Developer
For Non-Commercial Use
1 Year license
Professional Edition
$139 $69 (For a Limited Time)
Single Developer
For Commercial Use
Perpetual License
Click here if you already have a license key and just need to download the latest version.
Check out this Getting Started Guide on developing MVVM apps with Rascl